Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A New Year and a New Arrival…

Wow! 2011 is here and we are ready are you?  We have some new props and are having lots of fun experimenting with some new ideas.   Can't wait to show you all. 

We have a new arrival this year.  Our son and his girlfriend got me a Yorkie puppy for Christmas.  Her name is Gadget.  She is 12 weeks old now and as cute as a button. We are busy practicing our "pack leader" rolls, don't want her to completely take over, and we seem to be doing good so far.  She will be with us at the studio, so drop by anytime to say hello.

We will be giving you updates on her progress as she goes through puppy training, or should I say as we go through puppy training.  Alisha (our son's girlfriend) has given her a terrific start with her basic training done during the 4 weeks they had her before she took the trip to Idaho last weekend.  There was barely a whimper out of her the entire trip…first night with us she sleep through the night and so did we.  I think she misses her buddy Gizmo, but they will see each other again soon.

We have added some images we took by window light in the studio yesterday.  Her first day in the studio and no accidents to report!  She is such a good puppy!  Enjoy…Puppy class Thursday night, so we'll give you an update on Friday.

You can check out more images on our Facebook page…

Until then…Kathi

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