Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Guardian Angel

A short time ago our son’s girlfriend, Alisha, came home with a gift from a client of hers.  It was a statue of a beautiful angel holding a puppy.  It seems that Alisha, who works as a pet groomer, noticed something unusual about 13 year-old Chardonnay and advised Cathy Luckinbill, her owner, to take her to the vets to be checked out.  They found that Chardonnay had breast cancer.  The vet told Cathy that Alisha’s early detection gave Chardonnay a few more good years with the family. After Chardonnay’s recovery from surgery, we invited Cathy to bring Chardonnay into the studio for a session.

She is such a sweet dainty little thing and Cathy couldn’t thank us enough. She said, “I will now always have Chardonnay with me!” We were so excited to know that this beautiful papillon is a breast cancer survivor! 

~ Kathi

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Search For A Hairdresser Led Me To These Three!

If you’ve ever moved to another part of the country, you know how traumatic finding someone new to do your hair can be!  After using the same hairdresser for all of my adult life, selecting someone to do my hair here in Idaho became a quest for the right personality, skill set and a location that would make me feel warm and welcome. You know…just like I had in San Jose…a tall order to fill!

I finally found Barbara Z at Eagle Salon & Spa in Eagle.  We hit it off right from the start and as most grand parents do, Barbara bragged about her 3 cute granddaughters. 
I invited her to bring them into the studio for one of our model sessions and we scheduled a session for the next week. The day of the session came and in bounced 3 excited beaming young ladies. I immediately knew this was going to be a really fun session.  Emma, who is 7, was definitely the big sister to Sophia and Ava who are almost 5 and twins.  These young ladies weren’t just cute they were just as beautiful and precious as they could be. We have so many terrific images of these girls it was really hard to pick just one to share with you, so I didn’t…Barbara has every right to brag about these 3…it was our pleasure to spend some time to get to know them and we look forward to having them visit soon. 

~ Kathi